Monday, January 31, 2011

Single Mom Mondays

Well, here I am... Bright eyed and Bushy tailed... NOT!  After trying to get all the stuff done last night So I could have an easy day today, it didn't work out that way.. Go Figure!  Alarm goes off at 5:45am and I stare at the clock debating to hit snooze.  I can smell the aroma of my coffee brewing and I drag myself out of bed, let the dog out and turn on the lights.  Gotta go wake up the boy who is curled up so cutely in his bed and as usual, he does not want to wake up. I deepen my voice a bit and BOOM, he is up like a lightning bolt.  Normal routine, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth and get stuff ready for school.  Seems to be his snow pants have decided to grow legs and walk away and he got upset over that, no big deal... TYPICAL! Write his bus schedule out and send him on his way.  Jackson throws a fit and starts crying so now I have to muster up the courage to walk to the bus in my pj's and slippers, let him know everything is fine and it will all be OK.  I look at the clock in the kitchen and I see the time, 7:13 and now I am debating on heading back to bed, which I end up doing.  Trinity and Tayelor have decided to trash their rooms and make murals on the walls with crayons and also take out every single piece of clothing out of their dresser and dress their dolls up.  Of course, now i am a tad bit mad and so i shuffle them downstairs for their breakfast, 10:25 and I am already pooped.  Gonna have to accept the fact that laundry, cleaning, running to the gas station, bank, post office and grocery store and coming home and cleaning the kitchen, living room and their bedrooms is what my day is all about.  Hectic and stressful, yes.. Do i welcome the fact that when I go to put something away I see a toy there instead? Yes.. When I go to attempt to fold clothes and I find a chihuahua under the towels, do I get mad? No, simply chuckle and carry on.  My anger diminishes with two sets of little helping hands and " I love you mama "  Again, I wouldn't change it for the world.  This is my life and I will enjoy every minute I can.

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